Simone Vignola – bassist // looperman // producer – Official Website
Simone Vignola - Endorser TC Electronic

Endorser TC Electronic! Page and Interview on TC site, click on the link below: Simone’s Artist Page on  TC ELECTRONIC from the interview: [Obviously, we also asked Simone about his gear. “Well, for amplification, I use the Classic450 head which I find very comfortable, clean and powerful and also extremely versatile. As for the cabinets […]

Simone Vignola is now endorser of Harvest Bags from Germany. Check out their site!

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Simone Vignola and the MusicCord-PRO

Simone Vignola is Endorser of Essential Sound’s MusicCord-PRO! “I would have never thought that the frequencies and the harmonics that I’ve always searched for could depend on a power cable. Thanks to the ESP power cord you will obtain higher volume, an incredibly clean sound, some excellent brilliance, and all those low frequencies that you […]