Simone Vignola
Simone Vignola – Bassist | Looperman | Producer – Official Website
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Simone plays his song “FAQ” (from “Going to the next Level”) for the “Loop Station Contest 2010” (Roland/Boss) using a Boss RC-50. This live Set-Up is called “Live-Solo-Set” Show! Check out more videos on

New “LIVE-SOLO-SET” promo videos! ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ from –Simone Vignola “LIVE-SOLO-SET”– demonstration of Simone Vignola’s live show BOOKING: Simone uses Windmill Basses, TC Electronic amps, ESP Power Cord, Harvest Bags Recorded @ Bunker Lab (Mercogliano – AV – Italy) Videostyling: Antonello Carbone ( Audio: Mirko Nastri – Camy Reza