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Avanced Slap Licks
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Hello bass friends, I finally decided to make some video lessons to offer you my artistic and creative contribution in order to broaden your knowledge and change your approach in the way you look at this magnificent instrument which is the electric bass guitar

We often consider it a “second line” instrument. It may be so, of course, but we can also elevate it to a lead instrument, regardless of the musical genre we prefer.


L = Left hand tapping
R = Right hand tapping
T = Thumb
P = Pluck
P1 = Pluck Index finger
P2 = Pluck Middle finger
H = Hammer-on / Pull-off
STR = Strumming

  • Gear

*Marcus Miller SIRE V10 Tobacco Sunburst 2nd Generation Swamp Ash

*Orange Terror Bass 500 + OBC212 + OBC410

  • PART 1

In this series of videos we will analyze the slap technique mixed with the use of left hand tapping. I will show you some exercises designed to develop independence and interaction between the two hands.

In this first video 3 exercises to start exploring this aspect.

  • PART 2

We are going to see some riffs in which we can use this technique, both as a key to speed up and fluidize our movements and as a rhythmic-percussive factor, to offer greater dynamics and musicality to our style and to mark the backbeat in order to be able to play alone, without accompaniment but with groove.

In this second part 3 exercises to deepen this aspect.

  • PART 3

Between empty strings and triplets we are going to face real robotics efforts, mechanical movements that are created by the synergy between right hand and left hand.
Acquiring this fluidity of movements will change the way you approach the electric bass, an energetic and more open way.

In this third part two exercises to metabolize everything.

  • PART 4

We face the “double slapping” which will help us to improve our fingers strength and to take better measures in playing the strings with the index and middle fingers of the right hand in a consecutive way. Moreover, a movement that gives us new ideas to accelerate the synergy between popping and tapping with left hand.

In this last part 2 exercises to fly on the fingerboard.

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