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New Funk Bass Video
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Hi groovers! This time I recorded two paraller bass lines on a super funky groove, I really hope you enjoy this instrumental song as I loved working on it!

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It’s “Bass Time” again! I had fun with a funk slap bass line in which I putted some tapping chords after a while. I thought to record a second bass track, it is an undefinited wah bass solo, I pulled out some ideas and then I started jamming. This happened because I really had fun while playing the main bass line and I did it on and on.. so the video could be monotonous! That’s the reason about the double basslines!

I used my SIRE V7 Marcus Miller bass plugged into my Orange Terror Bass 1000. I used my BOSS autowah filter and the DAW delay on the funky bass solo jam track. On both bass tracks, I used my API 2500 plugin.

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