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Slap The Bass
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Hi slap bass mates, this time I wrote a song about how slapping the bass can fix some issues, it’s pretty funny but also groovy and funky as usual, with a funk slap bass line that will sit in your mind, as well as the vocal chorus!

The idea of this song called “Slap the Bass” was born from my personal experience of bass player who loves slap technique; when something hurts me I use the “slap cure”, an experimental method that makes me feel good just after a 30 minutes slap bass session! I imagined some situations in which slap the bass can solve some life problems and I wrote this song with a funny spirit!

Slap the Bass” is a simple funk song that feature a shuffle groove and a strong funk slap bass line. The bass theme is also playd with slap bass technique but I added an overdrive and an auto wha filter. In the verse you can notice some bass harmonics arrangements while in the chorus the second bass line merge into the sound with an auto-wha. The overall sound suits my slap bass funk world of this lastest musical period but vocals are inspired more to the rap way of doing, listing things. The chorus vocal track is more modern with the autotune that makes its job.

I recorded this song with my loyal SIRE Marcus Miller V7 2nd Generation, the olimpic white bass you see in the video. It has a fantastic tone when slapping, the sound is very brilliant but always fat! The book I used for “Slap the Bass” video is a gem, if some of you recognize it please just share in video comments on YouTube!

With slapicity,


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