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“Simone Vignola suona tutti gli strumenti come se fosse in competizione con il mondo: è eclettico, audace, virtuoso.Funk alle radici, rock, pop-soul, fusion e un po’ di house. Potrebbe venire in mente di paragonarlo a Sting.Questo giovane artista dimostra in ogni album, in ogni nota, che il suo talento è senza limiti.Bassista, cantautore e produttore, […]

From the Italian Event “Raduno Veneto MegaBASS 2011” Montebelluna (TV) | 11/06/2011

Radio interview @ Rock City Nights! More details at the link below, check it out!

Simone Vignola live at Chormazone

Venerdì 27 Maggio 2011 Simone Vignola | Bass & Live-Looping live at Chromazone – Avellino (AV)

Taken from the Live-Looping show using VoiceLive2.

Just Simone playing bass. Loops are made by using the V-Loop function builded in the new TC Helicon VoiceLive2 upgrade. Enjoy!:D

Simone Vignola jam session with Grand Baton and Soren Andersen at TC Electronc’s booth at NAMM 2011.

Simone Vignola – Still Life [live-solo-set] live @ Blue Note – Conservatorium van Amsterdam 16/10/2010 – AmsterBASS “Still Life” is taken from “Going to the Next Level”

Saturday 16th October Simone Vignola LIVE-SOLO-SET @ AmsterBASS Blue Note – inside Conservatorium van Amsterdam doors open: 18.00

Friday 15th October 2010 at Conservatorium van Amsterdam during the event “AmsterBASS” I will teach something about Live Looping in my new Masterclass “The Art of Looping”. I took this title from the mini-book I’m writing about Looping’s concept and application. It will be soon available. TOPIC ONE THE ART OF LOOPING Masterclass version DEFINITION […]

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Simone Vignola - Endorser TC Electronic

Endorser TC Electronic! Page and Interview on TC site, click on the link below: Simone’s Artist Page on  TC ELECTRONIC from the interview: [Obviously, we also asked Simone about his gear. “Well, for amplification, I use the Classic450 head which I find very comfortable, clean and powerful and also extremely versatile. As for the cabinets […]

Simone Vignola’s CD Presentation @ European BassDay in Krefeld (Germany) 5th September 2010 / “LIVE-SOLO-SET” @ KulturFabrik – Main Stage! @ stands “Windmill Basses“, “TC Electronic“.

Simone Vignola is now endorser of Harvest Bags from Germany. Check out their site!